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Zargoa Love Stories - CRONOS

1.38 usd

The story takes place in a City called Marvall on Planet Zargoa where humanity has to face a constant threat from Gods and Demons. The authoritarian leaders of this Planet the so called Obrigkeiten are trying to imprison the mighty god souls into powerful weapons. The Men who carry those powerful weapons are called Protectors. Every Protector has his personally assigned Adjutor. Cronos Adjutor Luke, however, got lost and you need to join Cronos on a dangerous mission to find Luke and bring him back alive! Zargoa Love Stories is unique of its kind.We offer:- Exciting, diverse and romantic stories- Lovingly created characters each with his very special characteristics- Varied Background Music accompanied by cool sound effects- Awesome animation effects- and a lot more!
Please stay tuned for more Zargoa Love Stories Games on Google Play!We are about to release 3 more Stories until Summer 2016!
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